Thursday, 8 September 2011

Powerchute Network Shutdown Version 3 Password Upgrade Issue

I use UPS's from APC because in my experience APC produce the most reliant and efficient products in the UPS business.  They have a few more competitors these days but I still think from an overall perspective they are difficult to beat.

APC have just released version 3 of their network shutdown software which communicates with their network management cards installed as an optional extra in their UPS (most popularly with the Smart-UPS models)

The biggest benefit of this new version is it's free!  My opinion is this software should have always came as apart of the Network Management Card pack but it originally cost approx £60 per licence.

During the process of upgrading servers to version 3 from 2.2.5 I discovered a bug were you cannot login into web portal after the upgrade has completed.  Thankfully this is easily fixed:

1. Stop the Powerchute Network Shutdown service
2. Edit the config.ini in the Program Files> Powerchute > Group 1 directory
3. In the first section [Network] add the below line
            password = YourPasswordHereYourPasswordHere being the password you want.
4. Start the service again and you will be able to login to the web portal as normal.  Part of this process also removes the above line in the config.ini which is important for security.

Note APC for some strange reason has decided to restrict the use of special characters in passwords for version 3 so don't include any when doing the above as you still won't be able to login.

Full details are available here.

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